Case Study: Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation & Healing (May 2015)

Patients Age57
Admission Date: 4/17/15
Admitted From: LifeCare Hospital
Discharge Date: 5/12/15
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 26 days
Reason for Stay: Rehab and Recovery after Cardiac Surgery
How did this patient hear about Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation & Healing? Resident heard of Squirrel Hill center for Rehabilitation and Healing through a social worker at LifeCare Hospital

This resident arrived to Squirrel hill Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on April 17, 2015, after undergoing a mitrovalve replacement cardiac surgery. This resident’s established goal was to continue in the post-surgery recovery process and to be able to safely discharge to home in short period of time, with his body at a stronger point than it had been in the past.
This resident’s rehabilitation journey began just after admittance to the community. Physical and occupational therapists worked on individually tailored exercises which would strengthen the resident’s arms, legs, and which would serve to bring back a wider range of motion and mobility for the resident.
This resident had initially expressed anxiety at the therapy process before him but soon expressed his joy of working with multiple therapists daily to reach his goal.
Among therapists and nursing staff assisting with strengthening and general recovery after the resident’s surgery Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Healing’s in house dietician also worked closely with the resident to achieve a smaller goal of his targeted at increasing his appetite. The dietician worked closely to make sure the resident received nutritional foods that he was fond of, paying close attention to his individual food preferences. By the time of discharge this resident’s appetite had improved greatly, this smaller goal attained.
On April 27th this resident’s partner was also admitted to Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Healing. Thanks to social workers of the community the two residents were able to share a room during the remainder of their rehabilitation journeys’ at the Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Healing.
After additional weeks of intensive rehabilitation and recovery both residents were deemed able to discharge to home together.
Upon his May 12th discharge this resident provided positive feedback on his stay and journey at the community, stating of staff:
• “They always gave me a sense of no false promises. They always give you an honest opinion and they only push you and have you do things you can take. They even worked well with my partner. I think it’s an excellent physical therapy department.”
• “In Physical therapy being able to last through the exercises and being able to go to the next level was a tremendous experience.”
• “The flexibility with the social services in allowing my partner to come here and even going out of their way to set up a room for us to share showed vast caring and thought on their part.”

Upon discharge this resident and his partner rated their overall experience and stay at Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Healing at a 9 out of possible 10.

*This Resident gave consent for these details of his successful rehabilitation journey to be shared.