Case Study: Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation & Healing (January 2016)

Patients Age: 59
Admission Date: 1/8/16
Admitted From: Mercy Hospital
Discharge Date: 1/15/16
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 7 Days
Reason for Stay: Therapy following hip replacement
How did this patient hear about Squirrel Hill? Hospital social worker

Details of Experience:

Resident arrived at the Squirrel Hill Center on January 8th following a hip replacement. At the time of admission he could stand and bear weight with minimal assistance for three minutes. Resident stated he was reluctant to stand or bear weight because of the previous pain he had felt before surgery. After only one week of therapy resident was able to stand fifteen minutes. He was also walking short distances with modified independence using a quad cane for balance.

Resident stated, “The therapy team really helped me get over my fear. They got right in my head and helped me work through it.”

He worked with his social worker to arrange continuation or therapy with an outpatient program. The caring therapy team here at Squirrel Hill were able to not only increase his physical abilities but also to provide the reassurance needed to overcome the limitations he was facing do to his fear of the previous pain.