“I think it’s wonderful. It’s like you’re waited on hand and foot. They don’t just feed you or wash you, they take care of you.” – B. Ruccio

Ray of Sunshine for one of our nurses:

“The reason I kept coming back to Squirrel Hill is because of the great care Jim gave to his patients. He ‘nursed’ me back to health after 5 serious surgeries. His care is impeccable, soothing, and dependable. That’s what is needed from a nurse.” – E. Wright

“I was pleasantly surprised, it was nice. The rooms are nice. I love all the staff.” – B. Scott

“I went out this week for Yom Kippur services. Diane in activities made the arrangements for me. I am glad I was able to go out for services.” – H. Musikoff

“That seafood buffet they put together was so great. The kitchen did a really nice job with it all.”
– S Smerker

“I’m happy to see everyone here again, I missed you.” – S. Mislo, returning after extended hospital stay

“I was happy to see the school kids. I love their smiling faces.” – B. Jackson, on a recent ‘back to school’ event

“I love to see you come around with that snack cart. It’s so nice, you have just what I want all the time.” – L. Wilson.

“It was nice to have the movie and popcorn yesterday after dinner. I liked popcorn with movies when I was at home too.” – D. Popp

“I like when Eugena (C.N.A.) is here, I know she will help me when I need something. It’s hard when you are new to a place but she made it easier.” – D. Wax

“I love the residents here. I’ve been here a long time and so have some of them. I like joking around and being able to make them smile, that really makes my day.” – C. Oakes, Medical Records

“A lot of people went the extra mile and did little things, were very genuine in their care and supportive. I felt like the staff were team players and were on my team.” – C. Brown

“Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with the menu. I’m so glad we had a chance to visit today.” – P. Dzvonik

“I really like helping with the garden, it’s really coming along good. Sometimes with the rain it doesn’t need to be watered, but I like checking on it every day for you.” – T. Barros

“I’d give you guys a ten. Everything I asked for I’ve gotten. You have a good operation here.”
– N. Lindner

“They moved me from the seventh floor to a new room. It’s close to the patio so I won’t be in the elevator all the time when I want to go outside.” – L. Wilson

“Everyone has been so good to my uncle. I know he isn’t really responsive, but I’m so glad the staff and the hospice workers continually stop into his room and talk with him.” – H. Schoss

“It’s so nice to have the popsicles, I just had work done at the dentist and it really helps me because my mouth is so sore.” – T. Gray

“I love the residents.” – D. McClain

“I always know when I need rehab I can come here and get fixed up. Everyone here is good to me.”
– D. Jones

Ray of Sunshine for the whole Dietary Department – “There are too many people to name, but I thank them all for everything they do for us.” – B. Jackson

“Did you see I can move my hand now! I have a goal to stand up July 1st, it’s my birthday.” – M. Fleming

“Thank you for taking the time to listen and talk with me the other day. I really just needed someone to talk to and get my mind straight. It helped a lot.” – T. Barros

“Did you see I put your name in for ray of sunshine? (Directed at Chuck from housekeeping) I want them to know you’re always looking out for us.” – T. Gray

“I’m so glad to be back. I had to go to the hospital for a while but I’m happy to see everyone here and be back.” – S. Keillor

“I like it when we have the buffet breakfast. Matt always puts out a great spread.” – C. Lewis

“I think that I’m cared for. Everyone is very nice.” – S. Spencer

“It was pretty painful getting out of bed. It was great to be outside though, I haven’t been in a very long time.” – M. Fleming

“Going to Kennywood (amusement park) was AWESOME!” – G. Allen

“The plants look really nice here on the patio. You know I’ll help you take care of them.” – T. Barrows

“I’m glad to be back. I was in the hospital but I missed everyone here.” – R. Goodwin

“I think what you did for us last week (nursing home week) was just great. I really appreciate all everyone does here.” – R. Wilkes

“The new patio furniture looks really great. It’s good we have more chairs now for people to sit in.”- G. Smith

“Whenever I have a question or a problem she is always quick to get to the top of it and solve it. She also is very personable and easy to talk to when I’m upset. She always lifts my spirits and truly is a ray of sunshine.” – S. Mislo and family, Ray of Sunshine card for Maury in admissions

“That Ray (in housekeeping) is a hard worker, and always smiling.” – L. Wright

“His care is wonderful. The people here are wonderful. I know he can be difficult with all the things he wants and you guys are doing a really great job with him.” – P. Lindner, sister of current resident

“She always looks out for me when I am hungry. She always helps me out. She is a blessing to me. She always takes good care of me when I need something. She always helps me and the other residents out.” – T. Gray, ‘Ray of Sunshine’ for Tatyana, a member of our dietary staff

“I love my job, especially the people here.” – M. Schaefer

“She was so professional and caring. I was extremely impressed!” – N. Stoughton, Ray of Sunshine card for Martha, front end receptionist

“It’s wonderful, I really like living here.” – J. Robinson

“Thank you so much for doing all this, it was just wonderful.” – R. Wilkes

“I just loved it all this [national nursing home] week.” – L. Wilson

“Good working and gentle to you. I like having her working with me.” – B. Jackson, Ray of Sunshine for Sandy, one of the C.N.A.s here at Squirrel Hill

“Today I graduated from therapy. They did a great job helping me.” – R. Goodwin

“Therapy is the absolute best.” – C. Brown

“The food here is great and they try to be so creative with the menu.” – S. Smerker

“Nikol is very good and detailed when providing care. She takes extra time to ensure I look well put together. Always kind, she’s a great C.N.A.” – N. Harris

“I was very scared when I came in, but my roommate really helped me adjust. She told me not to cry and that everyone was really nice here. That helped.” – S. Keillor

“I like how everyone interacted. They came right to you and got things going.” – Z. Connelly

“I would recommend this place to anyone. It’s very helpful, especially with therapy.” – A. Sienkiewicz

“It’s a nice facility, great hospitality.” – M. Robinson

“Your therapy is awesome. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. The therapy team really helped me get over my fear. They got right in my head and helped me work through it.” – D.Coker

“Everyone was very helpful and made sure I had what I needed. My medication was on time and the room cleaned every day.” – J. Holt

“I loved the Chinese buffet [today]. I could eat that every day.” – D. Glasgow

“I love the snack cart program. I’m glad you bring it right to the room for me to choose a snack.”
– C. Campana

“The therapy is excellent. I was only able to sit up for about five minutes. Today, even after not doing it for a week, I was able to sit up for [about] sixteen minutes. The team is really good.”

Written on a ‘Ray of Sunshine card’ for Darryl, the Maintenance director during storm Jonas: “He is always friendly with residents. Today he went out of his was to shovel an area for the smokers and stayed outside with us during the time we were out. He treated us with RESPECT and LAUGHTER.” – N. Stoughton

“Judy is a real asset to our building. She not only does hair but goes above and beyond by making blankets and decorating for all the residents to enjoy.” – C. Oakes

“Judy the hairdresser is a wonderful person. She laughs a lot and jokes around. Everyone likes my new hairdo. She does a good job to everyone’s hair.” – J. Robinson

“It was nice they (the children from St. Edmonds school) came to sing. I saw my neighbor. It made me feel better.” – T. Giannoutsos

“The facility is filled with team members who care about everyone. If you just talk with them you can see that.” – R. Pantelas

“I liked it (at Squirrel hill center) right off the bat!” – D. Wright

“Sean is a nice guy, he’s always smiling and I like that he helps out a lot.” – H. Schoss

“Occupational therapy is too wonderful because they give you strength and make you feel wonderful.”
-M. Tyson

“The birthday lunch was excellent!”
– K. Taylor

In reference to our Octoberfest lunch: “It’s very good, I definitely liked the knockwurst best. You guys did a fabulous job!”
-C. Lewis

“It has a wonderful, friendly home-style atmosphere.”
-F. Delissio

“This place really is great. I like that all of you care about me and listen to me. It makes me feel good and I love all of you.”
-C. Cisco (Resident)

“I enjoy sharing the third floor with the business office staff and other professionals. We all work well together and it’s clear that all of us have our hearts directed towards making the building the best it can be for the residents. It’s a truly positive atmosphere.”
-B. Schwerin (Staff)

“Even though I feel sick right now and not my full self, this place and everyone here brings my spirits up and I think my health up too.”
-D. Jones

“Oh they’re good. The nurses are good here. I’ve been in three places. The nurses here are the best out of the three. These ladies and gents work hard.”
-T. Fashian

“Nursing has been fine. They’re concerned and assure you get your meds on time. They’re friendly about everything. They’ll try to answer any questions.”
– Nancy S.

“It’s very very good [Physical Therapy]. I like them down there. They push you but not beyond what you can bear. I feel that they’re really out for improving my well-being.”
-Darla A.

“When I first came in I was impressed. This place is large, very clean, and looks brand new. My room is nice too.”
-C. Mentkowski

“I have Walter now (Physical Therapist). He’s such a nice guy. He cares about everyone. He has a heart of gold. I have another good lady tomorrow. She comes in the mornings and helps me get dressed.”
– I. Balogh (Resident)

“They’re wonderful. They do what they were supposed to do on time whether if it’s your meds or if you need anything.”
-C. Andrews (Resident)

“There’s a nightshift gentleman named Alex. He’s manner able and quiet and does everything he can to do. He’s extremely helpful and knocks and even closes the door at night. He gives his all. It impressed upon me. That’s refreshing to see. You don’t have to ask with him. He just does it.”
-D. Adams

“This really is a nice affair you guys threw. I can’t think of anything more American than a picnic with barbecue, hot dogs, and burgers. It’s good to be able to be outside eating and enjoying the weather. We all can talk and eat and just have fun. Thank you.”
– Jim. D, WWII veteran and resident (Following a resident and staff barbeque picnic)

“I’ve been living here for over 14 years. I love living here. I get to do so much. I like all the activities and the people here. They’re good people. They really work hard. From the first floor all the way to the eighth floor. Everyone here is caring for me and cheers me up. They do everything for me they can. I’m the president of the resident council. We get to talk about things here and give suggestions and ideas we have. I’m really glad that I made the move to here. I have so many friends here. I know everyone’s names too. I want to live here forever. I enjoy myself here.”
– Joan R.

“When it happened that I got hurt and had to get an operation so many thoughts went through my head. I wondered where would I go and who could I depend on. After my surgery the people at the hospital told me I needed to have rehab somewhere and that I didn’t have much time to choose a place to go for it. They told me about this building and others and I chose to come here. Though I was nervous and thought it would be a scary experience I did come in with hopes and expectations of getting better. I hoped the people here would help me to get better. Right when I came in everyone showed enthusiasm for me and encouraged me like they would a friend. Everything has been outstanding from the CNA’s right on up. Everyone performs their duties and are both kind and attentive. They really made me feel comfortable. This establishment is really 5 star. I’m very glad that I made the choice to come here for my therapy.”
– K. Eliou

“I really like it here. Everyone is really nice to me. Anytime I ask for something they get it for me. They even read my books to me since I can’t see so good.”
– S. Mislo

“I like that I can get my hair done real nicely here. It makes me feel good about myself. When I get my hair colored It makes feel like I felt ten years ago.”
– Joanne B.

“I know that I will be taken care of. Everyone here loves me and I love all of you.”
– Miss Dorothy J., whom has resided at Squirrel Hill over four times for rehabilitation.

“I was really happy with the activities here. I always had a lot of fun making crafts and playing games. I went to the price is right game, bingo, and a bunch of other games. I liked that my daughter and I got to be in the newsletter for the resident Christmas shop. I got to go to a computer class with the activities people. I made gingerbread people here around Christmas too and got to bake cookies. I got nice stuff from the Squirrel Tique when it was open too. They have so many things you can do here. I was never bored.”
-Teniqua K.

“The nursing staff has really been great. They’re always helpful every time I ring the bell. It helps being close to their station. They passed out little snacks like peanut butter and jelly and they ran out and one ran to another floor that had extra and got one for me. ”

“They made sure the environment in the rooms and building and laundry was nice and clean….”

“All of the desserts they’ve given me have been so tasty. I got a blueberry muffin for breakfast yesterday. I think they out do
themselves with the food. The cupcakes are good and I liked the piece of cinnamon sweet bread I had. It tasted real good, like it was homemade.”
– C. Ebert

“This place has an elite gym. It is elite because it is equipped with the most modern of rehabilitation devices and machinery. Other places I’ve been to can’t even stand close to the gym here. It is a futile effort to go to another place for therapy. The best gym for rehab is at Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Healing. Their physical therapists are also top notch and their many licenses are viewable on the walls for those using the gym and require assistance from the therapy team. It is inspiring.”
– Miss Elizabeth W.

“I simply love each and every one here. I will recommend it to each and every one of my friends. I love it. I love my therapists. They helped me 100 percent. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me. I am happy to be here. Though there was my language barrier it almost felt we spoke the same language. It is beautiful here. The nurses and their aides came and asked me if I needed anything no matter what it was, or if I was in pain. They could tell when I was or wasn’t and helped me. I will miss them a lot when I go back home. I will miss all of you dearly.”
– A. Haileysusus

“My Therapists Kayla and Mark, as well as my nurse aide Patrice have gone the extra mile. They are wonderful & helped to strengthen me. I believe that here, they have one of the best physical therapy programs in Pittsburgh.”
– E. Hadley

“I’ve gotten to know two of the nurses rather well, & some of the CNA’s. A lot of them feel almost like friends to me. Angie & Crystal, two CNA’s have been really kind to me, as well as my nurses Amber Lee & Aasiyah.”
– D. Bunoskey

“I feel that God has sent me here for a good reason. I would recommend the facility to friends & family. Everyone has been equally helpful to me during my stay here.”
– C. Johnson

“Everyone here was very nice to me, it was just like staying with family. It was really comforting to see all of the people working together, patients encouraging each other to do well in therapy. I almost don’t want to leave.”
– B. Birru

“They really helped me. When I came here, I couldn’t walk or do anything. They were a bunch of nice people, they took their time & never rushed me. I loved them all, every last one of them.”
– L. Witherspoon

“Nursing home week was great this year. You got to sit down, relax, and interact with the other staff. The food was great and the gifts they gave us were pretty nice. I love the shirt I got. I wear it as much as I can. I like the appreciation we got for what we do every day. I like the fact that we were recognized.”
– Leon Claybourne, Lead Cook